Approx. 35 mins. to complete
Approx. 35 mins. to complete

Why everyone should take this course

  • To learn where and how COVID-19 can be spread at work
  • To learn best practices to reduce the risk of catching or spreading COVID-19
  • To share your COVID-19 Work Safe Certificate to increase confidence in co-workers and customers
  • To protect your family when you come home

Take this course now or assign it to employees

Take this course now

  • Reduce your risk and protect your family
  • Protect coworkers and customers
  • Earn your COVID-19 Work Safe certificate

Assign this course to employees

  • Send a link and message to your employees asking them to take this course
  • Track employee completions of the COVID-19 Work Safe Course
  • Provide a safer workplace with more confident employees
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