Approx. 35 mins. to complete

Benefits of assigning this course to employees

  • Recent national polling suggests that 80% of Canadians want mandatory COVID-19 workplace training. 75% of Canadians said they would not visit a business with staff poorly trained in COVID-19 safety.
  • Without assigning and tracking COVID-19 training, you can not be sure if your employees have received your requests, paid attention, or learned the basics. This course will provide a Work Safe certificate and engage employees in learning through knowledge checks.
  • The consequences for your organization, from the careless spread of COVID-19 in the workplace can be catastrophic. This course helps you reduce that risk and demonstrates that you take safety seriously.
  • The best businesses take every opportunity to show their employees they care about their well-being.

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SkillsPass tracks training for all individuals making it easy for employers to verify training and skills. Employers can even ask new job applicants to share their training certifications before hiring.

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